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What Every New Parent Should Know about Car Seat Fitting Options

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New parents go through a number of emotions when the baby arrives, and one of those emotions is stress about fitting the car seat. Seat fitting is vital for the safety and comfort of your baby. You not only have to make sure you meet the government safety standards, but you need to make sure the seat is secure for the long haul. Knowing your car seat fitting options can go a long way to helping you get the safest possible seat for your baby.

Seat Fitting Stations

One of the options available to new parents is to use an authorized car seat fitting station. These stations are authorized by road safety centres throughout the country and have several advantages for new parents. The stations will not only install the baby car seat, they will also check the seat to ensure it has no problems.  Some of the problems they check for are defects, if it is on a possible recall list, and if the seat needs any adjustments. If it is on a recall list or is deemed unsafe, they can help you obtain another car seat that meets guidelines. Overall, this is a popular option for parents due to the in-depth steps taken to ensure your car seat fitting and the safety of your baby.

Baby Supply Stores

If you can't get to an authorized car seat fitting station, another option is to have the baby supply store install it. The key point to remember is that not all stores will offer this option. When you purchase the car seat, ask if they do seat fitting. They will let you know if they do installs, how much it will cost additionally, and who you can go to if they can't do it at the store. This may be an on-the-spot option to consider depending on your baby supply store policies.

Automobile Service Departments

Another option to consider is having your automobile service department handle the car seat fitting. This option is popular for people that use a specific automobile service department or mechanic and feel they can trust them to install the seat properly. In most cases, your service department will be able to perform the same tasks as the authorized car seat fitting station. You may find that your service department is also certified or has a certified car seat fitting technician on site. 

These are the three main options to have your car seat fitting for your new baby handled safely and quickly. You may also find yourself installing the seat yourself. If you choose to do your own car seat fitting, make sure to have it double checked when you have the ability. This will ensure that you did install it properly and there are no issues that could pose a safety concern.